Naty Zamora about Duane

Our family first met Duane in Fort Bidwell where we were herding sheep.  We had recently left Mexico in the hunt for a better life.  Our daughter Aurora was 6 weeks old when Duane ran into us.  He started our family’s social life.  Before we knew it, we were invited to the Sunday BBQ gatherings of the local community.

We have kept in touch with Duane for over 30+ years and have always remained very good friends. We have visited each other many times.  This summer, Duane is visiting us with a 12-year old student from the Czech Republic.

Duane has always been very encouraging of our family members’ successes; our 3 children have Master’s Degrees.

Irina Walker

Hello, my name is Irina Walker, I’m from Russia and I moved to the US for a job decades ago.  Duane has shown his generous personality and true friendship through a variety of ways and ultimately, has changed my life as it relates to motorcycles.

I am a very adventurous and independent woman and started riding motorcycles and going to different rallies upon arriving to the US.  I met Duane at the 49er’s Rally more than 10 years ago and we instantly became friends.  Duane had a BMW motorcycle dealership in Marin and he and his then-wife, Linda, traveled extensively in Russia, so we had a lot in common.  We enjoyed talking about motorcycles and Russia.  Duane and Linda invited me to their home and gave me a tour. This is where I first saw a motorcycle in the living room — and I loved it!  Also at their house I met a wonderful student from the Czech Republic, Veronika.  She was delighted to have this wonderful experience of living and studying in the US.

Duane also helped my then-boyfriend, Ricardo, who had a small business.  His business was famous for the ergonomic design of the handlebars for BMW motorcycles.  Duane shared his tips with Ricardo to optimize Google search to bring his company first and changed the outlook of his business, essentially changing his life, too!

A decade later Duane continues to help me.  I know that if I need any advise on anything about motorcycles, Duane is the go-to person!  He always helps me to get the best expert advice.  Recently, I decided to buy a new motorcycle.  Duane introduced me to his long-time friend, Rod, and we all three researched and found just the right motorcycle for me.  Thank you, Duane!!