Otto Kafka about Duane

Several years ago Duane made the comment, �If� I were a young man, I would go to the Czech Republic and teach English.�� That stuck with me because my family history is connected to CR.

I attempted to make the arraignments through my University (UOP) to get a grant in order to go to Czech Republic. Unfortunately, I didn�t receive the grant and I was unsure how I was going to be able to afford the trip.� Weeks later I was on a service call fixing a TV for a client and I talked about my future plans after college, which was to travel to the Czech Republic.� This client was a neighbor of Duane�s. She called Duane and reconnected us.� We have worked together since that time and Duane has explained a lot about the Czech culture.� I still have lots to learn.


Duane has a great network and got me in touch with the moderator of this blog, Vanessa Madrid, and her connections arranged two teaching jobs in only three days.�� Duane had arranged for Vanessa to teach English in his old school some years earlier.� Now I will be doing a volunteer stint in that school and also a private school.� Host families have been arranged for me and I am so excited to start this �new life� that will unfold tomorrow.


You see, I am flying out today to Prague, Czech Republic and my host family will meet me at the airport.� This is especially exciting because I have never even traveled outside of California.� I will be reporting my experience on my blog,