Colton Parker

I had a new goal in 2018 that I wanted to achieve but was never interested in before.  I wanted to become more mentally mature, obtain more perspective on preparing myself for the future, and learn about real-world problems and perceptions that had bored me in the past. 

By the middle of 2018, I met Duane Ausherman while I first got hired to work as a part-time sales associate for GNC.  I personally never met a human being that made me learn something new every time we talked, such as a perspective, life tip, or an accolade to be used for success.  I chose Duane to be a mentor and an advocate for me because he is the exact person, I need to surround myself with to grow mentally.  I have always reached out to him for advice.  I personally never met someone who tended to guide me in the right direction so quickly while having the goal to help me to grow mentally due to that being a personal flaw in my past.  Duane is one of the smartest positive men I know, and why I chose him to be my mentor.

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