Naty Zamora

Our family first met Duane in Fort Bidwell where we were herding sheep.  We had recently left Mexico in the hunt for a better life.  Our daughter Aurora was 6 weeks old when Duane ran into us.  He started our family’s social life.  Before we knew it, we were invited to the Sunday BBQ gatherings of the local community.

We have kept in touch with Duane for over 30+ years and have always remained very good friends. We have visited each other many times.  This summer, Duane is visiting us with a 12-year old student from the Czech Republic.

Duane has always been very encouraging of our family member’s successes; our three children have Master’s Degrees.

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity to share and catch up on old (very) friendships. I first met Duane in May 1972 when my then husband bought his first BMW motorcycle from Duane’s shop in San Rafael. We clicked and eventually followed him to Ft. Bidwell in northeastern California. That is where I met Naty, Jaime and their 2 then 3 beautiful children. The Sunday meals are still a precious memory for me. I am so glad to know that they have done well.

    I have ventured far from Ft. Bidwell although I consider it my true home, the home in my heart. Duane was a huge part of my time there and he encouraged me to look far forward to my future.
    I remarried there and then was able to move to Redding and get a nursing degree and then attended UC Davis to get my Nurse Practitioner degree.
    Sometimes it has been a few years between contact but when we do touch base it always feels like we just chatted yesterday, which to me is a sign of a true friend.
    I have 2 lovely daughters who have given me 5 amazing grandkids and life is pretty good these days.
    Had I not met Duane I never would have moved to Ft. Bidwell and who knows what my life would have been like. I am grateful for our friendship!

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